Thursday, June 12, 2008

Aqua Physic

I have been using SKII for more than a month now.So far I am happy with what it had done to my complexion.

The most famous product for SKII is The Facial Essence aka The miracle Water. The name explains everything, it is miracle alright! I remember how dull and even my complexion used to look like but after using it for more than a month, my skin tone is now even.

Did I tell you that my skin was dehydrated too? The surface was rough and you could see some of the skin were screaming out trying to break free from the surface. So sad, not to mention ugly :(.

Then I decided to try Aqua Physic serum. Supposedly, I have to purchase the Aqua Physic gel too but since I am under a tight budget, I only managed to grab the serum.

Only after 2 weeks, the rough skin was gone. Still, they are few stubborn piled up dead cell left.
I was thinking to go for their facial next months. Well, it will all depends on my budget.

Hopefully. I can get my hands on the gel too.

Clear skin, here I come.