Friday, April 11, 2008

Wish list

I figure out I need a wish list. In case someone who knows me read this, that person could be so generous to get my at least one of them. Ha Ha!

Feeling scared now?

Because I mean it.

  1. Fendi. B. Fendi watch

    Price: Approx USD550 or RM1925

    Why do I want it: I love the design and I need a watch

  2. Nokia N96

    Price: Approx USD800 or RM2800

    Why do I want it: Love the look, sleek and sexy. Oh yes, I need a new phone too

  3. Tiffany & co charm icons lock charm bracelet (for clearer picture please view the widget)

    Price: Approx USD600 or RM2100

    Why do I want it: I love Tiffany & co and would really want a charm bracelet

  4. Gucci Indy Medium Top Handle

    Price: Approx USD2980 or RM10430 (please don't faint yet)

    Why do I want it: Need I say more? Breathtaking!

Ok. That's all, for now. He He!

I shall wait if the fairygodmother would bring me any of those items. Although the chances are quite slim but there's no harm hoping :P

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Somehow I can post any title to my entry anymore. The title part in blogger just disappear, I wonder where does it goes to?

Truth is I am feeling kind of lonely right now. Empty. And I have a burden that I am carrying at this moment, I wish I could type it here but it is somewhat personal.

But one question though, how can men be so convincing that you were so convinced that you ended wearing a ring. But later they turn out to be not the same as you thought they were?

And how can you get out of the situation?

I need something to cheer me up. I know, I will go shopping. Yes. Followed by a session of Al-Waqiah recital. It was said that reciting it every night, one will never life in poverty.

Actually I just need some comfort, from Him of course.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Which one would you rather choose?

  1. A husband who is a workaholic, you give you all the money that you want in this world which also include Prada, Manolos and all those eye popping handbags but on the other hand doesn't care much, sometimes neglect you and doesn't make you feel special at all.

  2. or

  3. A husband who is lazy and prefer to stay at home, yet always pamper you with love, attention and treated you like no one else exist. On the other hand, the material wise are not so lucrative. You get to shop, once in a while but not really feeling the touch of Tom Ford nor Lagerfeld.

You can't choose to mix some of the elements of the two. Just one.

Don't asked me which one, I am asking you.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I admit that I was a huge fans of Spice Girls. Was. Forgive me, I was young that time. One of the members are Victoria Beckham or then known as Victoria Adams aka Posh Spice. To me she looked more scary then Scary Spice especially when she smile. But you know what? She is even scarier this days.

Victoria Becham is so super skinny and her tits looks so face. And her fashion sense? Aaaaahh!! Scary! Just look at her fake boobs, guarantee to pop any eyes any time. Not poppoing out of excitement but out of horror.

The ghost of fake boobies will suffocate you with her boobs. Beware!

She also looks a bit manly,more like a drag queen or should I say pondan?

Just take a look at these. Weird and not flattering, not even a bit.

Is that your curtain? Or perhaps your bedspread?

I actually love the high skirt but the gloves? Remind me of Mariko from Maero Attack

Like OMG, I need to send David a present. I know, just wrap me up and send me to him!

But. I have to say this. The dress she wore by Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs show was simply stunning. I love it the moment I saw it.

Please ignore the oh-so-fake boobies. Focus on the dress

Simply stunning!
Let just hope she won't have any daughter. I have seen enough fake boobies already!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

You know, I am never really get to use to being married. The status I mean. I know lots of people would be more than happy to acknowledge that they are happily married, especially if they are girls. There is nothing wrong with that it just that I can't just bring myself to admit that I am married.

Like, I still get invitations from guys for dates, movies and whatnot. And sometimes it make me want to scream when they hints for my status, because I just can't admit the truth nor lie.

"Who are going to the movie with this weekend? Your boyfriend maybe?"

That was a message from a guy in facebook.

Don't get me wrong ya, I am quite content with my current situation or my feelings towards phabmister is just that... I don't know. Maybe because by telling people I am married, they would lost interest in me? Sound stupid but maybe I am.

Or maybe I just want to keep my privacy to myself. Virtual people need not to know what's really going on in my life, exception for this blog of course since I think no one is reading.

I am not to sure but one thing that I am sure about, I have to create a diversion so that I would not

a) Lie
b) Tell the truth

How odd does that sound?