Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The summer is on.

It is time for maxi dress and floral prints. I can go with floral prints but maxi dress? Perhaps it's because I am vertically challenged. Still I think this dress is to die for!

Hmm. Maybe I would reconsider.

And oh, we also have jumpsuit! The last time I remember wearing jumpsuit as the in thing was back in 1995. And now it's back again.

Which reminded me of a patterned jumpsuit my mom custom maid for me when I was 14. I felt so fugly back then but for all you know, they are the in thing now.

And of course by now, you should realise the existence of the gladiator sandals if you are a fashionista.

I love the one that is shown here. The thing is, everywhere I go, I will see women adorning the gladiator sandals and that is a turn off. I know it's the in thin but everybody? Come on!

What else? Oh polka dots!

I love the design of the swimsuit too, make you look curvier.

So now you know what to buy to be "in" the crowd.

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