Monday, April 21, 2008

Loving someone

It is funny when you list down the criteria for your dream guy and ended settling with not what you wanted.

You thought that you could not settle for less and you are sure of that but when he came, you start to reanalyse. Sure he doesn't fit the criteria but he's a nice man. How easy it is to find a nice man nowadays?

Sometimes it is a wise decision to go for someone who really adores you rather than you crazily in love with them. Well, I am not saying that you shouldn't have any feeling for them, you should at least some.

Because if everything fail, you would not get hurt that much and when it's time to walk away, you can walk without turning back.

I am no ice queen, I only speak the truth although I know lots of people objected. I am sick of being a sick stupid puppy and at the end of the day just ignored, taken for granted and left behind.

But there's one thing that I can not deny. Despite the fact that I am not entirely happy and I have to bear for a little while (the duration is actually unknown and uncertain), I love him.

I do.

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