Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Going local

Living in Malaysia, the choice for online shopping is limited. I drooled to shop from shops like Neiman Marcus and Sephora yet the delivery cost and the tax would be far from worthy. Plus, some of them don't ship internationally.

But I have found few locals shop that are a feast for my eyes and my hunger. Ok, perhaps the quality is not at the par but still they manages to make me to have sleepless nights.

Now, these are taken from the latest pre-order collection.



I simply adore this one. Although I might be blinded by the sexy models, but this tops mesmerize me. Love the sequins and love how it falls on the shoulder. Oh, off shoulders are the sexist. Showy but not too showy. This top could also go with skinny jeans.

This would be a perfect outfit for casual evening dinner with friends and to hit the club when the night comes.

But I must say I am thinking to wear them during the day. Ha ha!



Now the second that is much simpler yet I love the idea of sheer and having it off shoulder. This one is also not too showy, also highlight your feminine side. A belt would make her look like a fashionista!

I am still thinking whether or not the retails would be possible. They are cheap yes but I still would opt for quality. But what the heck for the price, why not just buy it?

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