Friday, April 4, 2008

Shopping for make up online

Buying make up in Malaysia is not a hassle except the price might be a little bit expensive and of course, you could not get certain brands.

Like NARS.

I love Nars especially the eyeshadow. Somehow the to me the quality is similar to MAC and I love them both. Maybe my love for MAC are more for powder/foundation product. Good coverage with (almost) natural look. Hehe

The closet place to buy NARS is maybe in Bangkok but now anyone can buy NARS product online with shipping cost at $5.95 flat which is approximately RM 21 per shipping. That, can be considered cheap if you compare to any other websites.

Oh, which website you ask?

They also have the famous hairproduct Frederic Fekkai and Laura Mercier.

That, if you don't mind paying for the shipping fee. If you want a free shipping for buying beauty good try Strawberrynet.

Products ranging from Chanel to Payot to MAC. The drawback is, not all products are available. I wanted to buy La Mer sets last time and contacted their customer service but unfortunately it was out of stock or maybe more like never selling actually, because I never see any. Still, it's free shipping and it's cheaper. If you are a regular customer, they provide loyalty program.

In my past experience, strawberrynet give an excellent service.

Go and try, for the love of make-up!


Askmewhats said...

hey there ! Nice blog you have, thanks for visiting my site :) Yes, you are so right! Strawberrynet's customer service is great!!! And no complaints on them and I got my products shipped pretty fast !!!

phabmissus said...

Yes, the customer service is good and they are fast too :)