Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kill me faster

I haven't been smoking for months since my birthday. I am not proud to say that I used to smoke but the feeling I get after few puffs are.. just indescribable. The remedy for my bogged mind and lost spirit. But, after my skin condition worsen, I decided to put a halt. I really need a good complexion. Mine is screaming like a lunatic. Aaaaaaaarghh with the capital A.

Yet tonight, I did it again. While putting on my home-made cucumber eye patch, I have the sudden urge. Actually there were few factors that triggered it. Stress and weird feeling. Nah, let's not go there.

Truly that was not something good. I don't judge people who smoke coz I used to smoke but this is in my personal contact. i need to stay away from doing it because.. err..err.. because I want to live a healthy lifestyle? Or something like that. You knoww.. sheesh I think you know what I mean.



See my point?

But how can one ignore when one is in need?


Fret not, I am going to fight it. Ok, I mean I will try my best to fight it. Hehe

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