Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stress buster

I am swarmed with lots of thing making it not possible to update. You can say that I am all stress up.

Speaking of which, what are your stress comforter? Husbands or significant others cannot be included!

Here are mine..

  1. Soaking in tub with scented candle

    But I prefer with the light on so I can read, not to say books but more to fashion magazines!

  2. Watch some chic flicks

    Really helped me to clear up my mind. And I will be happy at the end.

  3. Go for window shopping

    It is ok if I don't buy anything, just browsing through already give me the exhilaration but if I buy something, even a tiny card, that would be enough to lift my spirit again.

  4. Pig on chocolates

    I love godiva, baci, patchi and rocky road(cadbury australia). It may sounds cliche but chocolate works as a stress buster for me.

Those are some that I can think about at this moment. What about yours?

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