Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dry skin

I just realised today that I have cracked elbow. OK, well, not really crack but the skin is peeling!!! My dehydration is getting worst. And I thought, my skin is improving!

The truth is, I haven't been drinking lots of water lately, partly because I seemed to forget and another part is because I seemed to be having bloatness, making my tummy look full and round. I don't want to be mistaken for a pregnant lady.

Speaking of which, more and more my friends are getting baby. Well, the truth is I want one but I am so scared thinking about labour, I am scared that I would not be a good mother [there's a possibility there] and financially, I am not stable yet. Although I don't know whether or not the $ factor is going to be resolved. Haih.

Back to my skin problem. New resolutions: - to drink lots of water and if I can, to go for body spa.

Please I am noly at my late twenties, I still can preserve my looks, thank you.

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