Monday, July 7, 2008

In the end

I am in the midst of baking pound cheesecake when the mixer broke down. I had to use my own energy to beat them up. Not only that, I set the temperature too high and now the cake is burn!
My poor cake!

Yes I am a housewife again. But this time I figured I can not rely on other people who can only promise to make things better but didn't happen or work out in the end. I know I sounded bitter, because honestly I am. I was told I would be given some money if I quit but I foresee that it will not come true, looking at the current situation. Well words are just words. As much as I loathe them, that is just out of my control. Unless, I demand for my freedom which is.. let say give it sometimes. Like I use to say to people, if you are not happy about anything, do something about it.

Well, I am going to start something on my own. I am not sure whether or not it will turn out to be ok but I just have to try.

Ok, gotto check the cake.

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