Monday, April 7, 2008

I admit that I was a huge fans of Spice Girls. Was. Forgive me, I was young that time. One of the members are Victoria Beckham or then known as Victoria Adams aka Posh Spice. To me she looked more scary then Scary Spice especially when she smile. But you know what? She is even scarier this days.

Victoria Becham is so super skinny and her tits looks so face. And her fashion sense? Aaaaahh!! Scary! Just look at her fake boobs, guarantee to pop any eyes any time. Not poppoing out of excitement but out of horror.

The ghost of fake boobies will suffocate you with her boobs. Beware!

She also looks a bit manly,more like a drag queen or should I say pondan?

Just take a look at these. Weird and not flattering, not even a bit.

Is that your curtain? Or perhaps your bedspread?

I actually love the high skirt but the gloves? Remind me of Mariko from Maero Attack

Like OMG, I need to send David a present. I know, just wrap me up and send me to him!

But. I have to say this. The dress she wore by Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs show was simply stunning. I love it the moment I saw it.

Please ignore the oh-so-fake boobies. Focus on the dress

Simply stunning!
Let just hope she won't have any daughter. I have seen enough fake boobies already!


Married Since 07 said...

It just goes to show...

married men are sexier;)


phabmissus said...

married since 07,
ahh. some are sexier.some are..trying to hard to be sexy