Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Which one would you rather choose?

  1. A husband who is a workaholic, you give you all the money that you want in this world which also include Prada, Manolos and all those eye popping handbags but on the other hand doesn't care much, sometimes neglect you and doesn't make you feel special at all.

  2. or

  3. A husband who is lazy and prefer to stay at home, yet always pamper you with love, attention and treated you like no one else exist. On the other hand, the material wise are not so lucrative. You get to shop, once in a while but not really feeling the touch of Tom Ford nor Lagerfeld.

You can't choose to mix some of the elements of the two. Just one.

Don't asked me which one, I am asking you.


Iekan78 said...

i love no. 2....but my hubby....not either no. 1 nor no. 2. but still grateful to have him by my side!!!

phabmissus said...

me too! :)

Mel O said...

Can I not have both? :P I don't want a lazy husband who stays at home but, if I were to choose, I would go for number two as well :)

phabmissus said...

mel o,
sigh, don't we all?But i bet not everyone get what they want. :(