Sunday, April 6, 2008

You know, I am never really get to use to being married. The status I mean. I know lots of people would be more than happy to acknowledge that they are happily married, especially if they are girls. There is nothing wrong with that it just that I can't just bring myself to admit that I am married.

Like, I still get invitations from guys for dates, movies and whatnot. And sometimes it make me want to scream when they hints for my status, because I just can't admit the truth nor lie.

"Who are going to the movie with this weekend? Your boyfriend maybe?"

That was a message from a guy in facebook.

Don't get me wrong ya, I am quite content with my current situation or my feelings towards phabmister is just that... I don't know. Maybe because by telling people I am married, they would lost interest in me? Sound stupid but maybe I am.

Or maybe I just want to keep my privacy to myself. Virtual people need not to know what's really going on in my life, exception for this blog of course since I think no one is reading.

I am not to sure but one thing that I am sure about, I have to create a diversion so that I would not

a) Lie
b) Tell the truth

How odd does that sound?


Pocket said...

i'd say dat its normal to feel the you feel sis, kinda understands it too.
by being single more opportunities is open (i'm dead sure people will start 'bangkang' this statement after this)

so if u wanna stay anonymous in your marital status, better delete this post.

its nuttin wrong in being known married though.
Just my 2cents :)

phabmissus said...

That's ok, I will not delete this post. It'sjust that it is awkward to admit it :)