Friday, April 11, 2008

Wish list

I figure out I need a wish list. In case someone who knows me read this, that person could be so generous to get my at least one of them. Ha Ha!

Feeling scared now?

Because I mean it.

  1. Fendi. B. Fendi watch

    Price: Approx USD550 or RM1925

    Why do I want it: I love the design and I need a watch

  2. Nokia N96

    Price: Approx USD800 or RM2800

    Why do I want it: Love the look, sleek and sexy. Oh yes, I need a new phone too

  3. Tiffany & co charm icons lock charm bracelet (for clearer picture please view the widget)

    Price: Approx USD600 or RM2100

    Why do I want it: I love Tiffany & co and would really want a charm bracelet

  4. Gucci Indy Medium Top Handle

    Price: Approx USD2980 or RM10430 (please don't faint yet)

    Why do I want it: Need I say more? Breathtaking!

Ok. That's all, for now. He He!

I shall wait if the fairygodmother would bring me any of those items. Although the chances are quite slim but there's no harm hoping :P

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